Semi Handmade Carpet

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Semi Handmade Carpet

Semi handmade carpet is a brand new type of carpet that is the result of cutting edge technology of the carpet industry. It is addressed to handmade like carpets with more count of reeds and density. The very same point that leads to making more spectacular carpets similar to handmade ones,

Characteristics of machine-made semi handmade carpet

Semi handmade carpets, manufactured in EXIR firms, apparently are so similar to handmade carpets. That’s why they’re called semi handmade or handmade like carpets.

The type of these carpets weaving causes yarn, be better piled comparing with other type of machine-made carpets, so the carpet is more durable.

The unique type of weaving EXIR Holly Carpet has made these carpets so similar to handmade carpets.

Why selecting semi handmade carpets

How slightly it’s woven

Of reasons that are important for carpet, lovers are high density and the count of reeds. if it’s woven slightly, its design is more recognizable.

Color and design diversity

These carpet manufacturers make their productions in many colors and designs. Using cutting-edge tech and advanced supplies is effective.

Proper price

To purchase a handmade carpet needs a real budget and only possible for a finite number of people, but a semi handmade carpet price is proper and not so far fetch.

Semi handmade designs

Considering the similarity of this carpet to the handmade carpets and its high quality, in many cases it benefits from handmade carpets designs. some of the most known designs of EXIR’s handmade like carpets are a silver pond, flower, bergamot, and triangular design.

Generally speaking, there are no limits for manufacturing semi handmade carpets.

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EXIR Semi Handmade Carpet

Semi handmade carpet of EXIR is made by natural bamboo fiber and silk warp, and in 1200 reeds, 3600 densities scale.

The carpet is initially woven by machines, then processed and polished by Qom’s masters of a handmade carpet. This type of carpet has a natural silk warp, backstitched border embroidered by a handmade carpet master. The course count of the carpet equals 80 courses of handmade carpets.

Semi handmade carpet fiber

Acrylic yarn

One of the yarn, used in this carpet is an acrylic pain heat set. It’s harmless to say, it’s of the best choices to weave a carpet. This yarn, due to the exceptional making process is so soft, hence walking on a rug woven by this yarn is very pleasing.

Of the chief characteristics of acrylic paint heat set is its anti-allergic attribute, which makes it acceptable for everyone. Other traits of this carpet made by this yarn are high resistance of abrasion, pressure, and usage.


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Silk yarn

The benefit of this type of EXIR Inc. carpet is using silk yarn for manufacturing. Employing silk causes shine and quality of the rug.

Long lifetime and duration, recessive trait and Tineola bisselliella resistance are worthy to mention.

Another point is the good coloring of silk yarn. This yarn is primly white, so gets colored very well.

There are no limits of size, but it’s safe to say, the most common sizes are 12, 9, and 6 meters. EXIR carpet Inc. manufactures semi handmade carpet from the tiniest size to 12 meters, so there are no boundaries of sizes.


There are no limits of size, but it’s safe to say, the most common sizes are 12, 9, and 6 meters. EXIR carpet Inc. manufactures semi handmade carpet from the tiniest size to 12 meters, so there are no boundaries of sizes.


EXIR handmade like carpet lifetime is also much the same handmade carpet, reliant on how well it’s maintained. Regular and proper washing program, keeping it from sunlight and humidity, vacuuming, etc. are important.

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Using Semi Handmade Carpet in Interior decoration

Rugs are key elements of Persian interior decorations. You can benefit from this type of carpet made by silk yarn in EXIR Holly Carpet for a stylish classic decoration. Certainly, a rug with a spectacular design in the heart of the house will make your home even warmer.

The chief point is, due to the variety of colors, this carpet is easily fit and makes a harmonious atmosphere around the house.

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