Vintage Carpet Collection

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Vintage Carpet Collection

Vintage Carpet or Patina, as the name goes, is a carpet with old style and design. Due to the classical designs of Persian rugs, surely, you’ll feel nostalgic whenever you see it.

In the manufacturing process, special techniques are used to transfer the vintage sense to the visitor and they feel it’s an old carpet. Exir Vintage Carpet Collection is one of the attractive and bestseller products of this company. These products benefit proper price and high quality. All these factors together have made the patina carpet a popular product in the market.

Vintage Carpet in Decoration

Majority of people struggling with some challenges, while choosing or buying a vintage carpet. These challenges deal with the harmony of carpet and decoration. Some imagine this carpet doesn’t fit in modern decoration, but interior decoration designers believe vintage carpet will add a warm and fresh sense into your home, moreover, its old appearance will give a unique and chick sense into your place.


Exir Inc. Vintage Carpet is a high bulk one. Using high bulk design makes carpet design more effective.

You may visit all of the vintage carpet samples here.

Vintage Carpet Collection

Vintage Carpet Price

Vintage carpet price is one of the main reasons for market attention. This carpet with a special appearance fits in most of the decorations. Given the key features of the carpet, like size, yarn, how slight it’s been woven, and color count, the price is determined.


Characteristics of Kashan Exir Vintage Carpet

Size: Exir Inc. Vintage Carpet is manufactured in various sizes and fits in any place.

Yarn: cotton yarn with its suitable characteristics is the best choice for vintage carpet.

Color: Exir Inc. carefully selects the colors of vintage carpet. Beige, grey, khaki, cream, a combination of pink and bright blue are the colors, used in this decoration. Using natural elements, like woods are widely common in this decoration. Generally, vintage style, using a monochrome color combination, creates a delightful and comfortable sense.

Exir carpet designers, utilizing these colors, have tried to design carpets not only modern but also harmonious and nostalgic.

Purchasing Vintage Carpet

Interior decoration designers strongly suggest vintage carpets for a new view.

Exir patina carpet is a machine-made carpet and has a proper price.

To buy Vintage carpet, either visit Exir Inc. sale centers or order online.


The difference between vintage carpet, aka patina, and old aged carpet is that although the design is similar to old carpets, vintage carpet color and design won’t change in time.

High bulk in vintage carpet means that carpet designs are embossed and catch the visitor’s eye. This feature has made the carpet more attractive and desirable.

Many different features led to Exir Inc.’s vintage carpet collection good sale. Beauty and admirable weave, vintage design, high bulk property, and benefiting fit colors are of the many reasons for starting a trend. Moreover, the proper price adds to the popularity of this carpet.

If you are meant to buy a Patina carpet of vintage collection in person, you can visit Exir Inc. sale centers. Additionally, our sales experts can always assist and inform you, beloved companies, in your purchase.

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