Shamse Carpet Collection

فرش شمسه | تولید شده با بهترین نخ در فرش اکسیر

Quality and diversity of Shamseh carpet

Quality and diversity of Shamseh carpet

Shames carpet collection agrees with customers who love classic carpets. It’s a 1000 reeds with 3000 densities. This carpet’s fiber is natural bamboo combined with acrylic.

Shamseh is applied to a type of sewing that pictures the sun’s shape. The design of this collection is inspired by Shamseh embroidery which is the same sun and its surrounding shine. This art has been used to ornament official suits. In the Safavid dynasty, this art was on its top. If you’re looking for an affable, dulcet carpet, Shamseh is the one.


Design beauty in Shamseh carpet

Monochrome colors of beige, cream, and walnut are used. This carpet collection is manufactured in different sizes; 12 meters, 9 meters, 6 meters, 1.5 x 2.5, 1×4, 1×3, 1×2, 1×1.5. using these colors adds to the charm of this collection phenomenally.

Shamseh carpet collection brings the beauty of Persian art and culture to your house.

All of the Shamseh carpet collection of EXIR Inc. follows.


Shamse Carpet Collection

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Shamseh Carpet price

The price of the Shamseh carpet is estimated due to size, how slight it’s been woven, yarn, color, etc. Numbers of EXIR Inc. Shamseh carpets are manufactured in bright colors. Using this range of colors and this carpet’s subtle design will cause a sense of tranquility in visitors. Delicacy and freshness of colors are of main characteristics. Selecting this carpet collection, brings the beauty of Persian art, at a low price, to your house’s decoration.

The most important factors affecting Shamseh carpet price

Size: Shamseh carpet is manufactured by Exir Inc. in different sizes, appropriate for any space. Clearly the bigger the carpet, the higher the price.

Yarn: using bamboo natural fiber and acrylic by Exir Inc. has risen the quality of this carpet.

How slight it’s been woven: naturally, when the number of reeds and density rise, details are seen. The carpet design quality and its endurance will be better. Kashan Exir Carpet manufactures a 1000 reeds with 3000 densities Shamseh collection.

Color: as said before, EXIR Inc. Shamseh carpet collection uses bright colors. Additionally, these color qualities are natural and the passage of time will not harm them.

Extra to these, other parameters such as design, courses, etc. are also considerable for pricing this carpet collection.

Purchasing Shamseh Carpet

It’s best to keep these factors in mind while buying EXIR’s Shamseh carpet:

This machine-made carpet collection is one of the most beautiful Persian carpets, affordable at a low price.

If you’re looking for a suitable carpet fitting bright decorations of the house or the office, Shamseh Collection’s products could be useful. Moreover, only available in sale centers and online shops of EXIR Inc.

مجموعه فرش شمسه 1000 شانه | فرش اکسیر

Those carpets containing a sun with its shine around them, are called Shamseh carpets.

Apart from the size, Shamseh carpet price depends on two main factors; reeds and density and also yarn and fiber which are used to produce Shamseh carpet.

Exir’s Shamseh carpet is a 1000 reeds with 3000 densities, having a suitable price and quality. Furthermore, all the designs of this carpet collection are offered in three colors; beige, cream, and walnut.

To buy the original silk carpet in your favorite design, visit EXIR’s sale centers. Meantime for more information about the online shop, you can contact our sales experts.

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