Modern Carpet Collection

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Modern Carpet Collection

Modern carpet collection agrees with up-to-date customers. 1200-reeds carpets with 3600 densities. This collection’s fiber is bamboo combined with acrylic.

The best modern carpet collection.

A diverse collection of carpets with the latest art design. This collection’s carpets are appropriate for those who rather modern decoration and those with a special taste.

High diversity of size, design, and color leads to a wide range of choices for the fans.

Colors include black, grey, and silver. This color combination gives the collection a unique beauty.

All of the modern carpet collection of EXIR Inc. follows.

Modern Carpet Collection

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Modern Carpet Price

Modern carpet price and the simplicity of design are the two main factors that have made the market pay attention to this product. If you dislike the disordered and busy design of traditional carpets, you’ll probably fall for this carpet. Modern carpets compared to handmade carpets are more well-budget, which is just another reason to produce and offer more of this carpet. Modern carpet is manufactured in various sizes and is priced due to size, density, etc.


EXIR Inc. carpet collection with high quality and low price will be a suitable cover for your house’s floor.

Purchasing Modern Carpet

It’s best to keep these factors in mind while buying a modern carpet:

Noticing your interior decoration, try to choose a suitable carpet, since the beauty of this carpet is more eye-catching in a perfect space.

Pre-bye attention; acrylic enhances the modern carpet quality. EXIR modern collection is produced by bamboo natural fiber and acrylic.

Available only in sale centers and online shops of EXIR Inc.


نمونه فرش مدرن اکسیر

If your house or your office decoration has furniture or walls with shades in the bright and black range, selecting this carpet gives the place a unique beauty. In general, this carpet type best suits modern decorations.

Modern carpet price like any other product depends on many factors, but the most important ones are: carpet’s reeds and density, also used materials.

Exir’s modern carpet is a 1200 reeds with 3600 densities, which demonstrate the high quality of the carpet. Furthermore, this product by Exir Inc. is manufactured in many colors and diverse designs that will serve any taste.

To buy the original silk carpet in your favorite design, visit EXIR’s sale centers. Meantime for more information about the online shop, you can contact our sales experts.

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