Golden Edition Carpet Collection

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Golden Edition Collection

Love, wisdom, magic, and achievement, all together sitting next to golden color. Beauty and shine of golden color will amazingly affect any environment. Exir carpet designers utilizing golden color, have tried to entangle modern carpets’ warp and weft to these concepts and create an astonishing piece.

Golden edition collection, keeping an eye on the golden modern carpet, is the first colored carpet collection manufactured in Iran by European tech. Belgian and German machines are used to manufacture this collection. Employing these machines will increase the quality of the carpet in a way that catches the eye of carpet lovers. Uniqueness and originality are the two main features of this collection of products.

Golden Carpet in Decoration

Although most people believe that golden colors are only fit for classic decorations, if we step off the cliché lines we’ll appreciate that the shine and presence of golden color will bring warmth and comfy to our place and turn into a staple feature in modern designs, the golden carpet would be a special choice for your house design.

You may visit all of the golden edition carpet samples here.

Golden Edition Carpet Collection

Golden Edition Carpet Price

Given the quality and beauty of this carpet, the price is quite fair. You can spare a lot of money, yet have exquisite decoration whether for your house or your office.

Characteristics of Kashan Exir Golden Carpet


Size: Exir inc. Golden Carpet is manufactured in various sizes and fits in any place.

Yarn: benefitting bamboo natural fiber and acrylic leads to enhanced quality of this carpet.

How slight it’s been woven: Golden edition collection is a 1000 reeds and 3600 density kind. Reeds and density speak of the quality of the carpet.

Color: golden carpet is a distinctive and particular color which combined with other colors gives energy and glory to the decoration.


Purchasing Golden Edition Carpet

Before buying Golden Carpet from the Golden Edition collection, it’s necessary to be alert about these items:

Golden Edition carpet is one of the best kinds of machine woven carpets and time won’t damage it in any way.

To buy Golden Carpet of Golden Edition Carpet collection, either visit Exir Inc. sale centers or order online.

فرش طلایی گلدن ادیشن | شرکت فرش اکسیر

The golden color is royal and special; hence most people believe it fits classic decoration. However, today, utilizing golden colors in modern decorations has led to incredible results. The very same reason has made the golden color suitable for any decoration.

Like any other carpet collection, the price of Golden Edition is due to its size, reeds, density, and fiber.

Golden Edition Carpet Collection with modern and sole designs and also employing golden color catches any eye. Proper price and high quality of Golden Edition Carpet Collection is just another factor that started a trend. Moreover, the visual beauty and harmony of this collection’s designs with different decorations result in good sales.

If you are meant to buy a Golden Edition carpet in person, you can visit Exir Inc. sale centers. Additionally, our sales experts can always assist and inform you, beloved companies, in your purchase.

You can purchase the most pleasing designs and the most stylish Persian carpets from EXIR carpet sell centers.

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