Antique Carpet Collection

فرش باستان ؛ نمونه ای فرش های اکسیر

Various Types of Antique Carpets

Antique carpet collection agrees with customers who are eager to sense the beauty of the carpet over time. 1200 reeds with 3600 densities carpet. The collection’s fiber is natural bamboo and is painted with herbal colors.

This collection is the first colored carpet in Iran, produced by European tech and German and Belgian supplies. It has risen quality so much that attracted the attention and admiration of carpet industry lovers. Originality and specialty are the main characteristics of this collection.

Color diversity of antique carpet

Antique carpet collection has the most diverse colors and all the designs and colors are woven, not printed. Color of this collection includes: lacquer, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue, brown, magenta, rose gold, and pink.

All of the silk carpet collection of EXIR Inc. follows.

Antique Carpet Collection

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Antique carpet price

Antique carpet price manufactured by EXIR Inc. noticing its high quality is so desirable. This carpet collection with original Persian design and fresh and natural colors will leave a brand new perspective on its surroundings. This carpet collection is one of the particular and unique products of the company which was exhibited for the first time in Germany’s carpet exhibition. This carpet’s old designed appearance adds to the sense of antiquity.

Characteristics of EXIR’s antique carpet of Kashan

Size: Exir Company’s antique carpet is manufactured in different sizes and fits various spaces.

Yarn: using bamboo natural fiber, shows the high quality of this carpet.

How slight it’s been woven: its delicacy adds to the strength and value of the carpet. This a carpet collection of 1200-reeds types with 3600 densities.

Color: there are so many colors in this collection, which will serve different people’s appetites. Moreover, using natural colors leads to its astonishing display.

Aged-view: EXIR Inc. manufactures its antique carpet collection in an aged-view model. This trait along with the weaving method and design, are in harmony with the antique name.

Purchasing Antique Carpet

It’s best to keep these factors in mind while buying EXIR’s antique carpet:

Passage of time won’t do any harm to this type of carpet, guaranteed by EXIR Inc.


Available only in sale centers and online shops of EXIR Inc.


How to buy EXIR’s antique carpet?

استعلام قیمت فرش باستان | فرش اکسیر

Old and original carpet images are used to design antique carpets. Moreover, to demonstrate antiquity, colors are chosen as an age property.

Apart from the size, the antique carpet price is bound to two main factors; reeds and density, also fiber, and yarn type.

EXIR antique carpet is 1200 reeds with 3600 densities kind, which signifies the high quality of this product. Furthermore, utilizing beautiful Persian design and high color diversity has made it into a specific product. Also using natural color leads to the striking view.

To buy the original silk carpet in your favorite design, visit EXIR’s sale centers. Meantime for more information about the online shop, you can contact our sales experts.

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