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Machine-made Carpet

Machine-made carpet is a kind woven by particular supplies and machines. In recent years, the industry has faced various conversions and changes. As a result, this carpet is offered in many colors and designs. Today machine-made carpet is manufactured in high quality and presented to the market.

Machine-made carpet characteristics

This carpet is manufactured in high quality, also woven by desirable fiber, for this very reason, it won’t pill, and has a good duration in years.

It’s easily washable and barely suffers color interference.

On the other side, using desirable fiber, won’t cause allergies and is anti-allergic.

Likewise, woven by particular machines, it’s so soft and elegant and also pleasing.

Carpet lifetime

In case of using properly, this carpet will last many years. Keeping the carpet from sunlight and humidity is highly recommended. A regular washing program is another considerable factor.

Carpet’s reed(comb) and density

One of the main indices of carpet’s quality evaluation is comb and density. Reed count is the number of knots in 0ne meter wide and density on the other hand is knots per one meter long of carpet. Higher the reeds and density count, the higher the quality.

Carpet Coloring

Using natural and superb colors has made the view even better. It’s best to select the base color of the carpet according to your decoration. Carpets made in EXIR Inc. are various in color and appropriate for any kind of decoration.

Machine-made Carpet Fiber

There are different fibers used in weaving rugs. Current fibers used in weaving machine-made carpets include B.C.F fiber. Art silk fiber, polyester, or acrylic fiber. Meanwhile, a carpet made of acrylic fiber is by far the best of them. It is noticeable to say EXIR Inc. uses the best natural fibers.

استفاده از نقش های زیبا در تولید فرش ماشینی | شرکت فرش اکسیر

Machine-made Carpets Designs

Although many years ago a limited amount of designs were available, today these carpets are made in various colors and different shapes and designs. Because of these numerous designs, machine-made carpets have grown so popular today. To give an instance, Semi-handmade carpet is a brand new machine-made carpet that is inspired by handmade carpet’s designs, and speaking of quality it’s so similar to handmade carpet.


Machine-made carpet pricing is due to several factors. Reeds and density are considerable. The higher the count of reed and density, the higher the price, but in general, it is cheaper than handmade carpet. Thus, people with different tastes and budgets can afford this carpet.


While buying machine-made carpet, notice standard mark and guarantee validation. On the other hand, the back of every carpet is labeled by its ID which tells the carpet characteristics. To buy sorts of carpet from EXIR Inc., you can visit our online shops or contact our colleagues in person.

مجموعه فرش ماشینی باستان | شرکت فرش اکسیر

Machine-made carpet in interior decoration

Carpet is the main element of interior decoration. Nevertheless, it has a history in Persian culture and has been preciously placed in Persians’ homes. Today machine-made carpets, having numerous colors and designs are accordant to furniture that leads to a harmonious atmosphere.

Different rugs are differently used. For instance, newer carpet designs are suitable for modern decoration.

With any taste, for any interior decoration, EXIR carpet offers the best of options.

Paitakht Soroush Carpet makes its products in a good deal of collections, which you can surely find your desirable carpet.

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