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مراحل بافت فرش ماشینی اکسیر

About EXIR

 Persian rug or Persian carpet has always been well-known and popular and goes back to 2500 years ago. Today, the Persian carpet market is so prosperous in countries like U.S.A., Germany, U.A.E, etc. this has caused the carpet to be brought up as an important export good.

EXIR carpet company with 13 years of successful experience in producing and offering carpet nationally and internationally, has played the main role to introduce Persian carpet to the world. Manufacturing exquisite carpet with the assistance of cutting-edge tech and polishing it by Persian artists, has made this brand a reliable one.

Our main products currently include :

Paramount of carpet design

In recent years. Exir has proceeded and now to expand its team requires you, dear colleagues. In case you have enough abilities in any of the job categories, we are willing to work with you.


Carpet designer

A carpet designer has to be a creative artist. If in carpet design, have a suitable resume, and also looking to work in a reliable company, join us. Send your request by filling in the form.


Sales expert

Sales expert is meant to introduce the product to potential customers. A successful sales expert would increase the sales rate and benefit the company. If you are into it, just fill in the form.


Accountant assistant

If you’re good with numbers and educated in relevance, you can be our colleague. We need a precise and ordered person to help our accountant out. Send your request by filling in the form..

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