Different Carpets of EXIR Carpet

EXIR Inc. rugs are one of their kind and admired in several exhibitions of the world.

EXIR Carpet Inc. has constantly tried to offer delicacy and beauty to the customers. Manufacturing various carpets with high-quality materials and high-tech machines has made the creation of durable rugs possible. After being made, these carpets are polished and processed by well-known masters of carpet which cause the exquisite and unique quality.

Currently, EXIR carpet manufacturing is of four main categories:

  • Silk carpet collection
  • Antique carpet collection
  • Modern carpet collection
  • Shamseh carpet collection

First, to attract attention, like any other carpet, beauty matters. EXIR Inc. having a team of known designers of the carpet has succeeded to create rare designs. these designs ornate with well-favored colors will catch the eye of any visitor.

EXIR Carpet factory, utilizing the best manufacturing carpet supplies and good materials, offers the quality to the customers. Whether at Iran’s market or the world’s, these products are novel and also admitter by costumers.

Carpet price has always been important either for the customer, or the seller. Every good must be priced by its quality. EXIR Carpet due to its products’ quality and for the costumers’ welfare, offer them. You can buy charming carpets, polished by Persian masters, at a proper price.

Despite their beautiful appearance, many carpets don’t have high quality and will lose their view after a short time. This matter has become an obsession for carpet customers. EXIR Carpet Inc. to assure customers will guarantee its products for at least 5 years. This duration may be extended to 10 years for some special products.

A sure purchase

Benefits of buying carpet of EXIR Carpet

Free shipping

You can order your carpet, from anywhere and anytime in Iran, easily and freely, and enjoy our free shipping.

Express Delivery

According to your location, you can receive your package ASAP. It will be in your hands in 7 days on top.

Payment on the Spot

Paying service in place makes you able to pay at the time of delivery. With the online shop of EXIR Carpet, don’t concern about money paying.

Various carpets purchase

Silk carpet
Combination of beauty and delicacy
Shamseh Carpet
As shiny and beautiful as the sun
Antique Carpet
Feel the originality and antiquity
Modern Carpet
Keep up to date
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