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The art of Persian carpet
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We are in love with the carpet in EXIR

Persian rug or Persian carpet has always been well-known and popular and goes back to 2500 years ago. Today, the Persian carpet market is so prosperous in countries like U.S.A., Germany, U.A.E, etc. this has caused the carpet brought up as an important export good.

Paitakht Soroush carpet als began its activities by SANA and EXIR brands, in 2007, in Kashan city. In the first years, established 700 reeds carpet manufacturing lines .under the brand name of SANA, and classic designs of 1000 and 1200 reeds.

carpets under the brand name of EXIR.

EXIR carpet has been presented in Tehran’s international exhibition for 10 years and .Germany’s Demotex international exhibition for 8 years as well.

Exir product includes :

EXIR is the first company that could manufacture carpets that after primer weaves are polished by the most outstanding handmade carpet masters. These machine-made carpets polished by hand, for the first time, were designed by this company’s designers and were unrevealed along with the latest exquisite handmade carpets of the world in Germany’s Demotex Exhibition.

Exir is the first company that could produce carpets that are polished by the professional designer after being woven by the machine and rivals the world’s exquisite products.

EXIR carpet story

Paitakht Soroush carpet, in Kashan, by SANA and EXIR brand was initiated.

In the first years, 700 reeds carpets manufacturing, under the name brand of SANA, was scheduled. Meanwhile, classic designs of 1000 and 1200 reeds carpets, under the brand name of EXIR were produced.

In these years, this company managed to be equipped with cutting-edge weaving technologies. It is harmless to mention Schonherr or Staubli, made by Germany, and Vandawiele made by Belgium.

In 2010, EXIR company managed to be presented for the first time in Tehran’s international Exhibition and received good feedback. It has turned into an additional motivation to join the international fairs.

By the beginning of the decade, EXIR company tried to improve previous product’s quality and introduce new ones. Meanwhile, this company, considering owning the latest machines and a modern and ultra-modern designing unit, could bring up its name as the first company manufacturing VTR carpets, Belgian carpets, and carved carpets more than ever.

In 2012, the presence of EXIR company in Germany’s demote international exhibition, began its international activities

In recent years, we’ve been rapidly expanding our activities. At the moment, EXIR is known as the first company which could manufacture carpets that are polished by hand after being woven by the machine. These machine-made carpets were polished by the hand and with the assistance of this company’s designers were designed and revealed along with exquisite carpets of the world in Germany’s Demotex exhibition.

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Working hours
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EXIR’s 13 years of presence in the carpet market and direct contact with the customers have caused achieving precious information about the visitors’ taste and their feedbacks. Relied to that, the following scales have been extracted.

Color and design diversity
Product’s quality
Price adequacy
Costumers satisfaction

Costumers review

Babak Sartipi
Esteghlal Hotel
Interior designer

As an interior designer, I believe rugs are truly a key element of the atmosphere. A nice-looking carpet, would make the visitors relaxed and entrusted. EXIR carpet Inc., manufacturering exquisite and high-quality products, provide the beauty of your place in favour. If you mean a classical decoration, antique carpet collection of this company will fulfil your intentions.

Ali Saljoughi
German-Iranian chamber of commerce
cultural attache

I intended to buy a rug, a while ago. I looked for it in Germany and nothing caught my eye, till I saw EXIR carpet in Germany’s exhibition and favoured one of them. Asked the price, it fit the quality and beauty of the rug, so I bought mine from there.
At last but not least I like to thank EXIR Carpet Inc., that has introduced the beautiful and artistic Persian carpet to the world.

Members of the board
Qasem Gholami
Chairman of the board
Ahmadreza Moshiri
Rahman Saeedi
CEO and board member
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